I predicted that Samsung would keep the Note name and I was right

Samsung announced today the cause of their Note 7 battery failures. After months of testing literally thousands of phones and batteries, they reported the problems came from battery manufacturing only and nothing to do with the phone or software.  Basically, the battery casing was too small to contain the batteries expansion during use (all batteries expand some during use and charging).  The replacement batteries they had made had a soldering issue because of the speed they tried to get them replaced.
A few weeks ago it was announced that Samsung still made approximately $7 billion for the third quarter of 2016 despite the almost 2 billion loss due to the Note 7. That is just in one (1) quarter….
Listening to the news and various comedians refer to the Note 7 as just the “Samsung Galaxy”, it seems that for most people the name of the exact phone model does not matter.
I predicted that Samsung will keep the Note brand when they release the next version. Most tech pundits think that they will drop the Note name to get away from the bad press.  But I think – for the people who do know the Note name – they will recognize and stay with the name.
update:  I was right, Samsung has announced they will keep the Note name for the new model out this year.

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