Apple was not hacked, but you should change your iCloud and Apple password

If you have an Apple device, you should change your Apple ID and iCloud passwords.
– They may be the same account, it is kinda confusing.

On march 23rd a hacking group calling itself the Turkish Crime Family claimed to have over 200 million Apple iCloud ID’s and passwords. They are asking for $75,000 in cryptocurrency like bitcoin or $100,000 in Apple gift cards or they would reset the Apple devices they had the account information for.

CNET was able to get and test some of the account information the Turkish Crime Family had and found that indeed, some of the accounts and passwords were accurate.

The Turkish Crime Family themselves said that they did not hack Apple. It is most likely that they got their hands on some other website or app database that was hacked.

So this is just another in an almost weekly example of why you should not use the same password on multiple sites. USE A DIFFERENT STRONG PASSWORD FOR EVERY SITE OR APP! See my other posts on how to make and remember or use strong passwords.

Use LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, or another password manager to create and use long secure passwords.



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