Don’t overreact to the privacy bill, nothing is changing but that is the bad thing

After the initial (over?) reaction to over react the Republicans passing the bill that will undo recent internet privacy achievements, it’s time to look at what it really means.
Although it is good to be worried lets not over react.

This bill won’t change anything. All it is doing it stopping changes that were scheduled to go into effect later this year. In September of 2016 a bill was passed that would have given us some privacy protection as to what the ISP’s and telco’s could do with our information starting later in 2017. So nothing is changing – that is the bad thing.

The companies won’t be selling YOUR individual information (probably), what they will be collecting is demographic information. information like where, when, probably age, sex, and app usage to companies that will be able to use this information for advertising most likely as well as product development.

It won’t be much different than what Google, Facebook, and other sites we all use do. The difference is you can choose not to use Google, Facebook, or Twitter. You can’t choose not to use an ISP, telco, or the internet (at least some) in today’s world. And at least G,F,&T are trying to use this information to serve you more useful ads.

The big problem is how securely the internet providers and the people they sell the information to will handle this data. It is the same worry that we should have about the NSA and FBI, and don’t forget IRS leaks have brought about. These are the most security-focused parts of the government, and they can’t keep their information from being stolen or hacked. How well are these companies going to protect your name, social, address, and other personal information?

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