Windows 10 Creators Update out now, average people can wait for it

Windows 10 is getting its first big bi-annual update of 2017 this week on April 11 called The Creators Update. Microsoft is hoping to make sure Windows 10 will appeal to Video editors, publishers, and virtual reality programmers¬†as well as anyone who “creates” media. There won’t be much in the way of visual changes to the OS, it is mostly under the hood changes that will make it easier for creator type applications to be made for the Microsoft Store.

The biggest visual change I have seen for the average person is a menu change in the Settings and Windows Defender Security Center. The Defender Security Center is a little better looking and more usable, and the Settings screen moved Personalization and Apps to have their own heading.

Of course, Edge has received some updates, but I don’t know if it is anything anyone will notice.

Last years Anniversary Update had some issues; most notably some web cameras stopped working and plugging in an Amazon Kindle crashed some computers.

Microsoft is planning a slower roll out of this update to keep any problems to a minimum. It is thought that as the update rolls out computers known to work with the update will receive it first and as manufacturers like HP and Dell confirm certain models are ok more people will get the update. They will also use user feedback and telemetry to know how the update works on different computers.

One hopefully useful feature is Night-Light, wich will reduce the amount of blue light from your monitor to help night users go to sleep easier. You can see Night Light when you click on the Notifications (chat like) icon to the right of the time in the Task Bar.

If you get a message about the update be ready for your computer in this first week or 2, I would suggest putting it off or scheduling it for next month or so to make sure any kinks get worked out.

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