Home Depot left customer data exposed from their MyInstall program on website

Remember the big credit card hack Home Depot had a few years ago (2014)? Well, they still have some basic security issues to fix.

According to  Consumerist, It seems someone saved sensitive customer information in a fully accessible folder or page on The Home Depots website. That means that anyone doing a web search could find it. If anyone can find it, it’s sure that some hackers / scammers did.  It had names, phone numbers, and physical and email addresses for up to 8,000 people.

The information in question seems to be from people who filed complaints about their MyInstall program where they will hook customers up with local contractors to do various home improvement work.

It’s unclear how long the data had been publicly exposed, but the files have since been removed from Home Depot’s site. But if you used their MyInstall program and filed a complaint… you may want to contact them, take steps to protect your identity, and be leery of people calling you about the work you had done.

This is just another example of how big companies don’t take proper steps to protect their customer’s information (2 by the same company).

Source:  Engadget  Consumerist

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