Yes, Verizon email is changing to AOL. Don’t use email from your internet provider, use dedicated email like Google

If you have internet service from Verizon you should be getting an email informing you that your email will be closing and you need to take steps to move it over to AOL. If you use that email for a lot of important stuff, simply follow their instructions and bookmark the new AOL page for your email. If you use an email program you will need to change your server settings.

You probably realize that your email was being provided by Yahoo the past few years, so this move to AOL is going to be very similar and just another of many changes companies make as they buy or get bought.

But the reason for this article is to tell (or remind you if you have read my other articles or book on security) not to use email from your internet provider like Verizon or Comcast for important things for just this reason or if you ever move and lose access to that email.

You should use a dedicated (and trusted) email provider such as Google, Microsoft, or AOL. You can then use this email no matter how you get internet service or move for the rest of your life.

There are other email providers you can check into but for the love of god, DO NOT USE YAHOO anymore. – Again this references past articles and hopefully, you know how Yahoo has been the worst at handling their multiple times of being hacked…

If you are interested in secure email, you can check into Proton Mail  for free encrypted email.

Source: USA Today

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