Microsoft announces Surface laptop and Windows education version called “S”

You may have heard about Microsoft having a new version of Windows and a new laptop, but they are not for the average person.

Microsoft had a press show called Education Event on Tuesday. They announced some new hardware and a new “Streamlined” version (sku) of Windows 10 called Windows 10 S. This version of Windows 10 has some limitations placed on it. The main limitation is that it can only run apps from the Microsoft Store; this means no Google Chrome, no Adobe Photoshop, no Quicken, or most of the programs that most people are used to running.

Windows 10 S will be upgradeable to Pro for free until the end of the year plus you will get a year of Office 365. After that, the upgrade will cost $49.

As the name of the event was called This version of Windows is meant to be deployed in schools. Having a version of Windows that kids can’t install any program they want is good. Also, apps from the Microsoft Store can’t load on start up. This can keep the computer running smoother.

The main hardware announced was a Surface Laptop. It is a traditional laptop, nothing unique about this device except it comes with the new Windows 10 S. before the announcement most people speculated that this laptop would be targeted at the Chrome Book’s that have gotten popular in the Education market. It starts at $999 so that puts it more in line with Apple Macbook’s. Indeed it has higher end specs and everyone who has had time with a demo unit says that it is a very nice laptop.

Like other Surface models from Microsoft, this laptop is meant to be a reference model for other PC makers to aspire to. Manufacturers like HP, Acer, and others will have models at the Chromebook price of around $200 and up.

They also have a new mouse that is a new version of their Arc Mouse. This one can lay flat on a desk or put into your bag.

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