My Trump Russia opinion. Trump and staff pawns, supporters wake up.

My Opinion:
I was willing to give trump a chance after I got past the idea of his running for President wasn’t just a publicity stunt.

– I’m still not sure it wasn’t. I don’t think he thought it would go this far. All he wanted to do was run a little bit then when things happened he did not like, he could say “If you would have elected me this would not have happened”.
He has proven and said so much as he was not really prepared for everything a president has to do. You CAN NOT run the country like a C.E.O. You can’t just show up once a week and get briefed on stuff and go back to golfing. Wich is totally what he thought he could do. –

I was willing to give him a chance after the election. Until he kept saying / tweeting the most moronic stuff… and we started learning of all the Russia ties.

The Russia Stuff:
There have been 3 Trump officials to resign over Russia connections, and there are at least 3 others under investigation. The latest rumored person under investigation is Jared Kushner – the man Trump has put in charge of EVERYTHING!  We know he had contact with a Russian bank run by Russian President Putin.

There are just way too many links to Russia for an American President to have or his staff (that he personally hired – even when warned not to). If this same info came out about Obama or either Clinton the same investigation would be going on.

I am not saying (and no one is) that Trump or any of these people are a Russian spy or conspirator. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. What is more likely is these people just thought they were making business deals. STUPID BUSINESS DEALS. Stupid to do it while being involved in a U.S. Presidential campaign and stupid to think they were not being used by the Russian government (or for several years prior as we are learning).

Supporting Trump during the campaign is one thing, whether you wanted a change or just voted Republican. But Trump supporters need to face reality. Blindly supporting him and ignoring all these facts is CULTISH.

What Trump is being investigated for are FACTs. Facts that many HE HIMSELF has tweeted, said, bragged about, or had recorded as part of official record.

Even FOX News is now reporting or even breaking this news on Trump. There guests and hosts are even using words like “obstruction of justice” and “impeachment” because even they do not want to be the only major news organization who blindly supported a Russian pawn when the shit hits the fan.

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