7 songs you like but don’t know are from Imagine Dragons

That is 7 songs other than the 2 you do know about.

I decided to listen to Imagine Dragons albums last week since I like “Believer” and “Radioactive” from a few years ago. I knew they did a couple other songs too, but while I was listening I kept thinking  – “this was from them?” I figure I am not the only one who did not realize (or remember) that they had all these good songs…

Like most people, I first really became aware of Imagine Dragons in 2014 with their big hit  “Radioactive”.  It was nominated for 2 Emmy’s; Record of the Year and won for Best Rock Performance. Its performance on the Emmy broadcast was I think the best of the show.

It was even used as the theme to an ill-fated cop drama where the song was the best thing about the show. I’m not mentioning the name because I don’t remember what it was called and don’t want to look it up.
<— Click on the album image to hear a sample on Amazon.

Of course now “Believer” is moving up the charts and is their highest ranking song yet. For many people “Believer” may be only the second time they really know Imagine Dragons is the artist.

Here is a list of 5 other songs most people will be surprised are by Imagine Dragons but should know (like) and 2 that are more questionable but will definitely be familiar.

It all started in 2013 with the album Night Visions – which has 2 other big songs.

It’s Time”  
It is most recognizable at 9 seconds in when the piano kicks in. I also know it best from the line you here in the Amazon sample “packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check”. I take that line to mean snubbing the Music Academy and not picking up an Emmy when they make it big. But they did not do this.

Demons”   This may be the biggest song that you didn’t know was them. It starts low and slow, but about 44 seconds in it goes up a notch with base for the first chorus.

One of the less recognizable songs.

Shots”  The other less recognizable song.

I Bet My Life” 


Whatever It Takes” 

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