Spider-Man Homecoming thoughts, not a review – It is good, of course

I like how they worked the Spider-Man theme song into the opening credits.

I was not sure about Michael Keaton as the bad guy (but they mostly showed him in the costume in the trailers), and it’s Michael Keaton, so I shouldn’t have ben worried.

If you did not read already, it has been confirmed that Peter Parker was the kid at Stark Expo in Iron Man 2 who stood off with a drone wearing an Iron Man mask- then Iron Man shot the drone and said “Good work kid” or whatever. This does not come up in the movie, just some nice trivia.

Peter has a new love interest but don’t worry, you do meet MJ.


Some of you may know, I am very good at noticing when a scene from the trailers don’t make it into the movie… The one I noticed today was one I was looking forward to…
It was the scene where you see Spidey swinging alongside Iron Man through a city street, perhaps on their way to the final battle?   EEEEEE, not in the movie!

Like this cut out:  just imagine a city scene around them.
spider man not in movie

Also, I have seen a lot of pictures online for this movie showing Spider-Man on Stark Tower. He’s never there.
spider-man-homecoming-not in trailer-2

And hanging on a highway sign. Not here either.


Funny parts, look for Captain America.

KINDA SPOILER ALERT – nothing big.

I love the Spider man origin story. Since we already met Spider man in Captain America: Civil War, I was hoping there would be a flashback to his getting bit by the spider that gave him his powers. But it was barely mentioned in one of the quick conversations Peter has with Ned – and you could totally miss it.

I read beforehand that this movie was focused more on Peter than Spidey. It was. Made for a different kind of superhero movie, but good.

SIDE NOTE:   about Justice League trailers and Aquaman

There have been a couple trailers for Justice League in the theaters now, the one before Spiderman is also online, but when you watch it you may think – “what the heck is going on with Aqua Man”?
If you are like me, you actually know little about Aquaman other than he works in the water and can talk to fish. But you see him doing all kinds of things for Justice League Civil War.
As it turns out, he actually has a lot better powers when he is out of the water! Powers like superhuman strength, enhanced senses, super jumping (and perhaps flying) and nearly impenetrable skin. So Aquaman is a better superhero than most of us think.

P.S. I spelled Spider-Man a couple different ways to help with SEO.

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