The iPhone X 10 does have a home button. At least an indicator

As expected Apple announced their new line up of iPhones and Apple Watch yesterday September 12th 2017. The biggest announcement was new flagship phone the iPhone X (10) with a bezel less full-screen front.

The big question everyone had before the announcement was how will you unlock the phone or go home with no front “Home Button”? The Home Button was where the fingerprint reader for Touch ID was.

The rumors of how the unlocking would work without Touch ID were correct and Apple is going with a new face scanning method called Face ID.

To “go home”, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. “It works from any screen”.
Someone said this was similar in iOS 11 but there is no line or indicator on the iPads or iPhone 7’s with iOS 11.

But what I have not heard anyone else mention is that there is an indicator or marker or “Home Button” at the bottom of every screen (except videos, games and other media).
It is an off white color line that takes up about a third of the width of the screen at the very bottom. This is where the demos showed the thumb swiping up from.




I can’t find any photos or video of the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus that are not of the home screen or showing media that can show the iPhone 8’s do not have this indicator but it is not on the iPads or iPhone 7’s with iOS 11.

This “home indicator” is not shown on the iPhone 8 models, Just the iPhone X 10.

So there you go, THERE IS A HOME BUTTON ON THE iPhone X 10!

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