Destiny 2 how to meet Xur at Winding Cove ship without getting stuck jumping like crazy

Playing Destiny 2 it took me 20 minutes trying to jump on the right side cliffs and looking up how to get to the crashed ship where you meet Xur. Everything I found said to go right of the ship looking for ledges and jumping up. It seemed my jump boost did not work there and I kept getting stuck in some rocks right below the ship.

So here is my tip to others having trouble jumping up to the crashed ship at Winding Cove trying to get to Xur in Destiny 2.

After finally getting there I found there is a cave that has a path going up to the ship just to the LEFT of the ship while you are under it.

If you move the left a little, and jump up, you may be able to see the entrance with some white bones showing on the floor of the cave.

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