Cutting the Cord Update – Hulu with Live TV

In September I cancelled my cable television service, keeping only internet for $60 a month. With cable TV the bill was going to be $190 or $200. I didn’t have HBO or any premium services, just their normal package with 1 or 2 add on groups you need to get various channels like USA, Hallmark, or whatever…
After comparing and using a couple trial offers for various streaming TV services I choose Hulu with Live TV. I wanted DirecTV or YouTube’s service because they offered a couple of channels I wanted, but YouTube TV was not available in my area and DirecTV’s DVR was no good.
I chose to go without a couple live channels and download the shows later.
Even with Hulu with Live TV, I thought I was going to have to wait till the next day to watch CBS and ABC since they were not listed on my “local channels” when I researched, but the network and shows were listed as available. BUT, after a few days I noticed those channels in my Live TV list! Great surprise. (They were not there at first.)
Overall, I’m very happy with Hulu. I think the user interface can use some work, but after you figure it out it’s OK. You also must search various ways to find the shows you want to have on “My Stuff”. Sometimes you search by network – and look at every show they have, other times you can search by show name. This makes it kind of frustrating for the first few days trying to get all the shows you want. For some reason the shows don’t appear on both ways to search, that’s why you NEED to look both ways.
Live TV is smooth streaming MOST of the time, but there are times when it the sound is out of sync or it falters all together for a while. It seems to happen to CBS, the channel I watch the most, and some football games more often than other channels. It’s a little worse than the (old?) satellite TV reception issue people make fun of. But, for saving $110ish a month I can find the show later or miss part of the game. I do watch too much TV anyway…. (Monday morning update: Sunday nights / football on CBS seem to be the worse. Could not stand the lag/ sound issues and watched something else)
F.Y.I. I have 100mb download speed and 1TB of bandwidth. I get the full download speed most of the time and have a high-end router. I also have the Roku stick controlling my Hulu prioritized for the best download speed.
Advertisers should be happy. I watch more ad’s now since Hulu has ad’s you can’t FF through, live or on recordings.
So, for the savings and surprise of getting a few channels live that I was not expecting, cutting the cord and Hulu with Live TV is a happy surprise win.

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