Bumblebee movie review

Bumblebee was good. I’m not sure why any of the “bad” reviews of it have to say things like “not being terrible” makes it seem good – except to bash the past Transformers movies even more. Sure, there is a shadow of the past 2 movies looming over Bumblebee, but you don’t have to be passive aggressive with your saying it was a good movie. I’m also not good at judging peoples acting; unless it is terrible. So, I don’t know if I can say that Hailee Steinfeld’s acting helped set it apart as some of the reviews have said.

The action, story, and comedy were as good as most movies out today.

I do say that as a viewer you do have to let go of the established time line – The Last Knight mentioned how Bumblebee was involved in WWII And the first Transformers had BB, Optimus and the others all arriving (seemingly for the first time) together. You also have to ignore how easy it was for humans to defeat him when he first got here. He would have gone through much worse fighting other transformers. (How many military jeeps have harpoon guns????)

I liked the look of the robots much better than in the past movies. It may just be nostalgia, but I also think the graphic look of them was better, more realistic. The whole Idea was you could see what their vehicle look was while in robot form. The new movie robots just looked like random parts put together that only looked like the vehicle after full transformation.

It’s definitely full of call backs to the 80’s cartoon. So, keep your eyes and ears pealed.

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