The Boys on Amazon Prime Quick Review

They Boys on amazon Prime is a unique take on the super hero genre. Instead of just showing how super heroes are saving people and loved by everyone, The Boys shows what would probably really happen if people had super human powers – they would be ass holes, controlled by a mega corporation just like major league sports. They would do what ever they want (including rape and kill) and nothing would be done about it because they can’t be charged with crimes and everyone gets paid off to cover things up.

In The Boys, the super heroes are the bad guys and a group of people who are fed-up and start going after the heroes are the good guys.

The original advertising did not hint to this at all, that I am aware of. It was pushed as a different kind of super hero show, but wow.

The parental warnings before the show are to be taken serious, in the first episode you see a girl get liquified.

I only watched the first episode; I don’t like any of the people or plot of the show.

The show gets good reviews and has already been given a second season.  I guess it is a good dram if you like what the show does.

I thought the first episode was kind of slow and boring – besides the liquification, rape, killing, and sex scenes. But in between, in slow.

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