5G wireless is a lie

So, the wireless companies are starting to PUSH 5G now…  I hope you remember the 4G roll out mess, when each company had their own definition of “4G”. Most of which were not really 4G. Well 5G is the same hot mess.

Verizon has started their massive ad campaign advertising their “building the best 5G network”. BUILDING!

They advertise that it is available in 13 NFL stadiums like that is the biggest accomplishment ever.

ATT advertises their 5Ge service to trick you into thinking it is 5G when It is just and “enhanced” 4G network.

These are technologies that have already been in place on AT&T’s network and most networks since 2017.

The truth

As they say the 5G networks are just being built now; with very limited availability. It will be years before they actually cover big cities like New York.  Those 13 stadiums Verizon is boasting they have 5G will only “be concentrated in parts of the seating areas but could be available in other locations in and around the stadium as well”

Parts of the seating areas – they can’t even cover an entire stadium!

“In some cities the stadium will be the only place with Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband service, offering fans a unique 5G experience they can’t get anywhere else in their local area.”

Besides the time it takes to deploy all the equipment and upgrade their internal networks, the 5G signal has a very short range. VERY SHORT. Essentially every building (or every city block) in a big city is going to need to have a 5G antenna to ensure good coverage. Imagine how long it will take to get that accomplished.

If you live outside a major city like I do, you may (will) never get 5G.

“We have never said they would be nationwide rollouts; that would surprise me a lot,” Ulf Edwaldsson the CTO of Ericsson AB.

So don’t let the big wireless companies advertisements or a sales person con you into spending the extra money ($100/phone, $10/month) for 5G service!

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