Your Facebook Data has been Exposed Again.. Again

I sure hope you where not stupid enough to give Facebook your phone number. Sorry to use the S word, but it’t true if you did.. Especially on their pop up that has been coming up for like year now. And against my warnings..

A security researcher discovered a database pulled from Facebook that contained over 419 million phone numbers. The data included Facebook IDs and in some cases names, genders, and countries. Because the server hosting the database wasn’t password-protected, anyone could find and access it, according to Sanyam Jain, the researcher who passed his discovery on to TechCrunch.

Facebook can’t be trusted with your real personal information. If it is them using it against you, selling to to 3rd party users, letting 3rd party users scrape it, or letting their employees copy it and post it online – as seems to be the case in this latest privacy breach.

I don’t give Facebook my real phone number, birthday, address, or email. I never have.

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