Easy fix here, Rant below.
You probably choose to install only the campaign. Go back and install the 2v1 option also. I uninstalled the campaign and then choose “install all” option. It then showed 2 items needed updates and installed from the disc.
THEN it does not launch from the home screen yet, you need to run it from the Disc options menu just called Doom Eternal.


AND You NEED to sign up for Bethesda’s Battle.net ! FRACK YOU Bethesda!

1. How could the game not know to install what it needed for the campaign?
2. Why give the option to choose 2v1 or campaign if you need both?

I don’t know if this all Bethesda or the new Xbox One interface causing this fracked up interaction since I haven’t installed a game for at least 6 months, and the ones I have installed where downloads.
I bought the disc because it was $10 cheaper.

The Xbox network had issues on the Friday it came out, so I though it had something to do with that and just waited until Saturday morning to try again…
Then I spent time searching online for possible fix’s and did not find any. Most of the articles where for PC.
Even searching for Xbox One disc or game only having 10MB only returned
a user who could not download the full game from a hot spot.
I then tried all the normal trouble shooting you might try – re install, eject disc, reboot, hard reboot by pulling power after full shutdown.

Then I was like, well I guess I’ll try installing both……….

I hope this will be the same with any Xbox One game (from Bethesda?) where the game only shows a file size of 10MB (or other small file size).

How hard can Bethesda / Microsoft make it to launch a game?

Xbox One game not launching, not loading. Xbox One game only shows 10MB, small file size. Doom Eternal not loading, launching, installing

Posted by Ken Barker


  1. Thank you for your help!


  2. I’m having the same issue. I just had an issue too with Control Ultimate Edition where it would only install like 17 gb and I couldn’t get passed the 2nd mission, exchanged it for the PS4 and had no problems. Now this. Also, download speeds have been extremely slow and inconsistent. I think I’m going to switch my Cyberpunk pre order to the PS4, it could take years to download the day one patch the way things are going. I’m over this 💩


  3. Nathanial mccormick December 26, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    Thanks for the help. I was getting frustrated. Appreciate you taking the time.


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