Tech Things to do While locked in

If you’re working from or just staying home, hopefully you are finding productive things to do.
Even I can only watch so much tv/ movies.
Here are some tech related things you can do – should do anyway, but now you have the time.

Organize your files. You probably have photos, videos, and regular files all over the place. Organize them, delete old or duplicates. – Or storage is cheap, keep it all just separate old from current.

BACKUP those files. Backup. Backup. Backup.

Get a password manager. Or organize the ones you have / take the time to make sure you have good passwords.

Read my articles on more in-depth security steps you should be taking.

Clean the inside of your computer. You prob have cleaned your desk, did you organize it? Towers can usually be opened very easy and you can used canned air or just your breath. DO NOT USE A VACUUM. Home vacuum cleaners can cause static discharge and fry the computer.
For laptops you can blow out their bottom or side vent holes.

Clean out your email. If you have a lot of mail you can go through it. For mail over a month or 2 old skim it and look for anything important and delete or archive anything else. If its that old and you have not read it yet, it’s not that important.

Update your routers firmware. There was some recent news about more router vulnerabilities in the past weeks. You can usually get to your routers setting by typing in your web browser. You can also just do a quick web search for your routers model and firmware update.

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