iOS vs Android Android vs iOS

I hate it when I read a comment or worse yet, a full blog or journalistic article on how someone hates iOS or Android because they say it is so much harder to use than the other. The main reason for this is people just don’t like change. You like what your used to. Switching is a chore either way you go. You need to put some work into it. But you should be able to figure it out. You may not like some things about the new OS but what you do on the phone works 99% the same. Facebook, Twitter, Tic Toc… is all the same.

What people mean by saying this is they don’t like the settings layout of the new OS. Android just offers more control in settings and iOS is more simplistic. Usually.

If you don’t want to mess with that, just don’t go into the settings. Just use the apps like normal and leave everything at the default.

Learn and get used to the little differences and move on.

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