Doctor Who’s The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone is More Significant Than you Think

The S5E4/5 episodes “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone” of Doctor Who that brought us the second appearance of The Weeping Angels is often maligned because it does not stand up to their first appearance in S3E10 “Blink” – widely considered one of the best DW episodes.

 This is 100% true. The angels where not as scary nor their part in the story very compelling. They were simply an army that outnumbered our heroes and where closing in.

BUT, if you actually focus on what the doctor is doing and realizes, it’s a very important episode in the  crack in the fabric of space and time / T.A.R.D.I.S. exploding arc, as well as has one of the best Doctor Who quotes / moments.

I’ll first mention the quote, but I won’t put it here for those who don’t know it. Spoilers!

Hint “There’s always a way out”

I’m going out of my way to keep any hints of the quote out of site, so click here to see the a clip from YouTube.

I just realized it’s impossible for me to write about this without hard spoilers…. So from here on be warned.


these episodes most important contribution to the series (American “series” meaning all the shows)  is how the doctor realizes that “time can be re written” and it is the place he returns to speak to Amy in the season (or British “series” meaning  1 years episodes) finale S5E13 “The Big Bang”.

The Doctor realizing time can be rewritten. prop BBC

The Doctor realizes that in S5E1 “The Eleventh Hour” when he and Amy were walking through town and there were no ducks in the duck pond was related to the crack – instead of just being a throwaway line as it seems during the episode. As well as listing a couple more big alien things that had been forgotten.

Then you see the Doctor talking to Amy in the forest, telling her he is working it out, and he wants her to trust him and remember what he told her when she was younger.
– If you will notice, the Doctor is wearing his jacket when he is saying this. While just a few scenes ago he had his jacket taken by the angels!
This is NOT an editing mistake!
This is the Doctor re visiting Amy on his life rewind after taking the Pandorica into the exploding T.A.R.D.I.S. in “The Big Bang“. You can actually hear the present Doctor talking in the background.  

Very cool what they did there, and easy to miss those connections.

So if you haven’t seen these episodes at all or in a long time, go back and watch them again because they are actually very important and have one of the coolest Doctor Who lines!

And you  might appreciate the 2nd visit to the Weeping Angels a little more.

All images property of the BBC.

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