Clara is the Best Doctor Who Companion

As I look at my YouTube suggestions when I watch anything Doctor Who, I see a lot of hate for Clara Oswald; a companion of The Doctor in Doctor Who. Of course, it’s the internet / YouTube so there’s going to be a lot of negativity about anything. But before the 13th Doctor and her 3 companions (Fam as she calls them (and I do hate this)) came around, Clara seemed to be bare the brunt of the hate.

The companion serves many purposes in Doctor Who. It’s said the show is actually about the companion and the season(s) they are in tells their story with The Doctor.
They serve as the point of view of the audience.
They help The Doctor grow or change. – Rose Tyler maybe the most important in this capacity because she helped The Doctor change from what he was coming out of the Time War to being more something less angry and vengeful….
They keep The Doctor grounded, or remind them of what they strive to be. Sometimes they just keep The Doctor company.

And sometime they keep The Doctor from going to far.

Now Everyone has their favorite (fav) companion. So everyone also has a least favorite. But that doesn’t mean people need to tear into Clara so bad if she is your least favorite.

My least favorite is Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin. Mostly because all the reasons people give for the lack luster reception of seasons 12 and 13 none of them have been developed very well. If what we hear is true and Yasmin is the only one sticking abound for a 3rd season, hopefully she can become more of a standout.

Now for why I think Clara Oswald is the best and most important of the Doctor Who companions.

I have to start with her original story line as her being “the impossible girl”, the person who stepped into The Doctors life timeline to counter The Great Intelligence’s attempt to kill or at least defeat The Doctor. Doing so she helped The Doctor countless times throughout his entire life, often without him (only hims at this point) knowing or even seeing her. From helping him pick the right TARDIS to her erasing him from the Dalek’s memory when he is trapped in the “Asylum of the Daleks” when we first meet her as Oswin Oswald.

Next is how she is the companion who becomes the most equal to The Doctor. Unlike most companions who just hang out in the TARDIS and fallow The Doctor from adventure to adventure, she commands involvement and respect. She bosses him around, she trains him/ teaches him how to be more compassionate.

She can almost, if not fully, fly the TARDIS. she definitely understands the controls of the TARDIS more than any other companion. she can open/ close the TARDIS doors with a snap of her fingers. We don’t even see that from River Song!

She even “becomes” The Doctor in a couple of episodes, and like him shows the dark side it takes to do what needs to be done at times.

clara oswald. jenna coleman. google search, various sources.
from Google search, various sources

One comment

  1. I agree.
    The hate that Clara gets is undeserved. My favorite companion is Donna and secondly, Clara. But like only a small difference, so no matter

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