Section 31 is not that much of a secret in Star Trek Discovery

CBS All Access, Star Trek Discovery

I just finished watching Star Trek Discovery Season 2. First, I liked it much better than Season 1. Captain Pike is awesome and I can’t wait for the new Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

Section 31, a secret deep cover black ops group inside Starfleet, has been a part of Star Trek since Deep Space Nine. It was part of Doctor Bashir’s story line. It even made it into the second of the movie remakes Into Darkness.

One of the big things I picked up on in Discovery was how everyone and their mother seemed to know about the organization. “I’ve heard of black badges, but never seen one”. The members also didn’t seem to mind telling everyone they met they were part of 31.

They talked about it being secret, but it really wasn’t.

There is also talk of a new show based on Section 31, so we’ll see how they handle the secrecy there.

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