A couple Notes on Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan

Just a couple notes about Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.

Pulling out of space dock, Lt. Saavik tells Sulu to got to one quarter impulse.
Now this sounds good. It sounds better than saying “thrusters, one quarter”, but since Full impulse is usually considered to be 1/4 the speed of light, they would be going 1/8 the speed of light. Jetting out of space dock and past the moon in a 10 seconds. moving at 37,474,057.2 m/s. And they still show the ship moving slowly through the docking bay. They won’t got to impulse until they get clear of space dock and have a clear course through the solar system.

When they talk about the damage the ship took. Spock says “They knew exactly where to hit us”. The truth is – anyone in Star Fleet would have known, if not any enemy that had fought them in the past. Since most Star Fleet ships are of a similar design, the placement of their engine room and path of energy to the nacelles would be more/less general knowledge.

When Kirk and Spock try to take control of the Reliant’s control panel to lower the shields, the security (prefix) code they enter is shit. it’s a 5 digit code. like A U.S. postal zip code. 16309. Today we use 256 bit encryption on your website passwords.

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