I’m Finally Switching to an iPhone 12

I’m finally making good on my promise (blog post over 3 years ago) to switch from Android to iPhone.

I just bought an iPhone 12.

I’m doing it for security reasons, camera, and other reasons the iPhone is so appealing.

Now that apple and iOS have widgets, there won’t be much about Android I’ll miss. I often told people who changed (or experimented) from Apple to Android who complained about the complexity of Android, you don’t need to dig into any of that and all the apps work the same. I never really used the customization of Android that some people like – at least not since the beginning. And Apple has better looking apps and some apps that don’t get made for Android. For some reason Apples widgets and Shortcuts seem more interesting than what I have looked at on Android.

I also like the new (circa iPhone 5) design.

I LOVE Face ID. Samsung’s sucks! (all Androids face id do?)

I have an apple credit card/ Apple Pay, so I’m taking advantage of the 2 years 0% interest payment plan.

I have had an iPad almost since the beginning because Android tablets just seemed to suck. I bought a new iPad 8 last month. I had an iPhone 3G or 3GS… ???, and have paid for some apps and have apple credits.

I support them (kinda use one) at work, so I’m not a total iPhone newbie.

I got the iPhone 12, not the mini or the Pro. I was very tempted to get the iPhone mini, but think it’s too small even for me. Short of fitting in pockets better, the screen size and battery life trade off isn’t worth it. The standard iPhone 12 is barely bigger than the Samsung S8 I have now.

Speaking of the my current phone being a Samsung, I was using it because of Samsung Pay. But Apple Pay is accepted everywhere now and the 2 places I may shop that don’t take phone payments (Lowes and Home Depot) even the Samsung Pay doesn’t work.
Samsung Pay is supposed to trick the card reader into thinking you swiped a physical cards magnetic stripe.
* I was in Home Depot last week and they had new terminals, but Samsung Pay still didn’t work yet.
I use the the Walmart Pay app for Walmart. – It’s usually very fast and easy. – I used it before Covid hit.

Now there are plenty of Android phones with good camera’s, but the iPhone is always top rated, and I need their Night Mode for inside my house. no matter what all my photos taken inside the house (living room especially) are dark.

Credit Apple. iPhone 12 and 12pro

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