Problems with Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 1

I have a lot of problems with this first episode of star trek discovery for season 3. I’m not saying it’s bad or I don’t like it, just .. what??? I can have only so much suspension of disbelief while watching a sci fi show.

First we need to go back to the red angel suite from last season. Even then I was thinking, this thing is way to advanced for the time. It’s more advanced than STNG/Voyager times. More on that later. I want to hit this episode in chronological order.

A guy is being chased through space. He sees, and his ship alerts him, a wormhole open – in an area that does not look to be directly in his path. So what happens, he maneuvers in front of it. Now this would be stupid for any number of reasons but especially because anything coming out can hit him.

And that’s what happens.

Now back to the suite. The angel suite hits a ship going very fast. Instead of killing… what’s her name, Michael, the crash is treated like bumper cars and sends the two rolling out of control and then plummeting toward a planet. With Michael perfectly fine and trying to recover from the crash. Before hitting the planet she initiates heat shields, reboots the computer/ suite, fires retro thrusters, and then has collision absorption system… Reminding us how advanced this suite is. Full on star ships don’t have these features. To get super picky, how did she know it even had these features?! It was a suite designed by her mother, and she barley figured out how to use it to perform the missions she went on. If I remember correctly, they rebuilt or even build a new suite for this last mission.. I’m not going back to check. But still they could not have put all these features into it….

she crashes into a planet and doesn’t have so much as a broken arm…… Come on!

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Gotta have a window seat

I’ll skip over how she walks up to the guy she just crashed into and kinda destroyed his ship and is like – Wanna be best friends.

Next question. why does he or anyone need dilithium? he listed off 2-3 other FTL travel methods that are better than Warp….

I’m not sure if he was playing dumb most of the time to use her, or he didn’t know she was from a different time. Since he should have known. His ship told him the wormhole was a time distortion right off. Then her old tech and lack of current knowledge. we know he held back info, so I’ll give them that much credit.

I do like how they are using Transformers Matrix of Leadership modules as pulse weapons/ grenades.

Now the Starfleet guy. I’ll wait for episode 2 to for a conclusion on what they are doing with him. But, he says he has 2 Federation ships on his scanners. Do they reach out to them? have they just been scavenged and could have anyone on them???

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