How to Turn Off 5G on Your New Apple iPhone

Here’s how to turn off 5G on the Apple iPhone 12, 12pro, 12 mini, or 12 pro max.

Open Settings then Cellular right below your Wi-Fi, tap Cellular Data Options, and then, Voice and Data.

It will be set to 5G Auto. Select LTE and Back out of the menus.

Why I turned off 5G on my phone.

Most people will advise you to turn of 5G to save battery. Thats a good reason if it helps.

On my last post link about switching to Mint Mobile, I said T-Mobile (who Mint Mobile uses to provide their service as a MVNO) would not have the best coverage in my area and I have been leery to try it.

I was right! I only have 1 bar, sometimes 2, and sometimes no signal!

So I changed it from 5G Auto – the default setting, to LTE. Hoping that could help.

I think it did! I have not seen – no signal since then. I still only have 1 or 2 bars, but it works.

I also rebooted the phone for the first time after the service switch, even though it was not mentioned you had to. I just remember in the past that was part of the process.

so one or both of these steps helped me with my signal issue – so far. I will keep a weather eye on it…

See my next post – link – where I talk more about it.

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