Here’s how to turn off 5G on the Apple iPhone 12, 12pro, 12 mini, or 12 pro max.

Open Settings then Cellular right below your Wi-Fi, tap Cellular Data Options, and then, Voice and Data.

It will be set to 5G Auto. Select LTE and Back out of the menus.

Why I turned off 5G on my phone.

Most people will advise you to turn of 5G to save battery. Thats a good reason if it helps.

On my last post link about switching to Mint Mobile, I said T-Mobile (who Mint Mobile uses to provide their service as a MVNO) would not have the best coverage in my area and I have been leery to try it.

I was right! I only have 1 bar, sometimes 2, and sometimes no signal!

So I changed it from 5G Auto – the default setting, to LTE. Hoping that could help.

I think it did! I have not seen – no signal since then. I still only have 1 or 2 bars, but it works.

I also rebooted the phone for the first time after the service switch, even though it was not mentioned you had to. I just remember in the past that was part of the process.

so one or both of these steps helped me with my signal issue – so far. I will keep a weather eye on it…

See my next post – link – where I talk more about it.

Posted by Ken Barker

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