My iPhone 12 Review

I’ve had my iPhone 12 (and switched from Android) for a week now, so it’s time to start the review. Posting while I’m writing, updates to come.

I’m getting great battery life. – As expected. I charge my iPad every 2 or 3 weeks.
After having the phone plugged in for the initial setup/ transfer from a work phone I was kinda using, after over 24 hours (26-27) it still had 52%.
Of course I was using it a lot playing with it and various other setup and installs.
Now a week later on more normal use I’m on my 3rd day at 38% from 80% Friday morning before work. *I admittedly did not use it much yesterday, but I usually put it on the charger before bed with % in the upper 60’s.
(From 80%, I charge the phone to 80% not 100)

Size and Feel
The phone feels great in the hand with the new (*series 5) design. It’s hardly wider than my S8 and barely shorter. I have a case on it now, thin case. So it still isn’t too big in my hands.
It is heavier than I expected. I can definitely feel the difference compared to the S8, and about the same as the iPhone Xr. But nothing I notice in normal use.

iPhone on bottom

Screen is great, OLED , sharp and smooth. The notch is more “noticeable” or defined because the screen is so detailed with the black/white in comparison to LED screens I’m used to. Only when you look for it though – the notch is the notch.
I WANTED a 120 hertz screen but scrolling is very fast and smooth because of the raw power of the phone.
I haven’t gamed on it (and don’t play games that would be affected anyway) to speak on gaming performance.

As I just mentioned on how fast the screen scrolls, the whole phone is FAST. loading web pages is fast, opening any app seems instant.

Part of the reason to make the switch to iPhone was iOS 14 and the new customizations you could do. Not that I used all the Android could do, but it’s nice to personalize the home screens to the way you use them, and have widgets.
I wish there where more widgets so far, but they will come and what is there are nice.

Of Couse the iOS security was another main reason to change.

Face ID
I love Face ID, finger print is nice now with masks, but besides that Face ID is so fast, no effort, and super convenient. I just pull my mask down past my nose for a second.

Another reason I wanted an iPhone is the camera always get great reviews. Most flagship phones do now, but their Night Mode is badly needed in my house. So far the pictures I’ve taken in the house have visible subjects, so that is great.

I had the phone a week exactly before I dropped it. (I usually don’t drop my phone much). Lucky it was on a carpet and I had put a case on it, so no harm done.

One thing I don’t like about Apple / iPhone/ iOS is their keyboard. I really want numbers and and symbols along with the letters. I hate needing to hit the special numbers button to get a separate keyboard.
I was using ReBoard, but they seem to need to update because it’s not loading right.

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