Canon MF232W Will Install on Windows XP

Windows XP will never go away!

It is still running plenty of business applications. Especially business’ that have been around for 30 years. So just in case someone else has to install a new printer on a Windows XP computer, I can say as of December 2020, the Canon Imageclass MF232W will install and print on Windows XP.

I did only install the basic MF driver. No other options under the custom install. Windows XP and Vista where pretty similar in much of their drivers, and Vista is still supported by the printer.

The website and box do not list XP as being supported so I was skeptical. I did do a web search to see if others have said they did it and I saw Canons web page did show XP in the search blurb you see in the search results. But when I loaded the site it did not. So either it was old text or they have hit hidden.


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