I Paid for HBO Max Over the Free Trial for Wonder Woman 1984

There are ways to get a free trial of HBO Max, but not from their website directly signing up.

I thought about signing up from Hulu, my live TV service, or Amazon. You can also sign up from YouTube TV and other providers. check their website for the offer.

I was disappointed to not see a trial offered from the HBO Max site directly though.

But being a fan of movies, I wanted the purchase to get counted as a ticket sale. Also wanting the studio’s and actors to make some money during this time of Covid, I paid the $14.99/mo. I would pay $20 (including concessions) for the one movie if I was able to go to a theater, so I’m not going to skimp on WW84. I will watch DC’s Titans and The Flight Attendant too. or at least start to.

But hey, if money is tight this year, go ahead and take one of the free trials.

I’ll pay again for Godzilla vs Kong – if theaters are still closed then. Maybe by then things will start to open again.

I might skip on my Netflix subscription in January? I have not been watching a lot there lately.

I don’t see a lot else I want on HBO, to pay for the 6 months promo they currently have. So I will just pay for months they have movies I want to see.

I signed up and watched WW84 on Christmas day so they know why when they look at the stats of sign ups.

I do want movies to return to theaters, but for now – this will work.

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