Wonder Woman 1984 Review and Observations

[Spoilers later in the article- after the review]

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Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) was finally released on Christmas day after several delays. Like most people I had to get HBO Max to watch the most anticipated movie of the year due to Covid 19 shutdowns.
See my article on why I chose to pay for HBO Max instead of just using a free trial.
But basically I wanted the sign up to count as a ticket sale for the movie. It’s cheaper for a month of content than I would have paid going to the theater for a single movie…

My quick and easy review:

Yes it was a good movie and you should see it if you have any interest.
Was it as good as the first movie? – most sequels aren’t so it’s no surprise that, No I don’t think it was.

It was kinda slow at several points and I did not enjoy the fight scenes as much as the first movie or the other DC movies she has been in.

If you have seen the previews, the mall fight scene was cute and nice, but didn’t wow me.

Of course Chis Pine was in the movie playing Steve Trevor who “came back” from the dead.
Their time together on the screen was very good and fun, no complaints there.

I re watched the movie to get my observations in order (jumping ahead on the slow parts) and it was still a good re watch. But I don’t think I’ll re watch it as much as I have the original.

Observations and SPOILERS below

From here on I will talk about things I noticed and issues I have with some aspects of the movie. Obviously these issues are nothing like saying I hate this movie, just questions – because there are A LOT of things with NO closure, and things I wish were done differently.

I will not explain every detail, of the scene what I noticed so you can watch and see for yourself and I think you have already seen the movie anyway…

The bad guy of the movie is a stone that grants wishes and a businessman who uses the stone to get more wealth and power. He becomes the stone – in that he wishes to have the power of the stone so he can grant the wishes. And in doing so- by granting wishes to other businessmen and world leaders, it causes havoc in the world. because not just becuse everyone wishes for more power, money, and weapons than the other guy,

the wish also takes something from you. It might take your health, money, or humanity.

The world falls into the brink of world war III and nuclear destruction – with missiles even being launched.

Oh yeah, Kristen Wiig plays Cheetah (Dr. Barbara Minerva ) and fights Wonder Woman a couple of times because she got her powers from a wish.
I almost forgot because she was not the main bad gal you would think since she was the other super powered person. And she was not really evil as you expect the nemesis to be.

As I said the mall fight scene is cute, and it may have been a good way to re introduce her without having to fight a big bad monster right away… but how does her lasso do the things it does? I’m willing to give some slack since it is somehow magical, and like captain America’s shield she can make it do more than physics would normally allow. This is a common theme for the whole movie – I think it was used way too much. Continued below.

When the wish stone is first found and Dianna and Dr. Minerva are examining it another tech in the office touches the stone and wishes for coffee. A few seconds later someone offers him a free cofree.
When he made the wish, you could barley hear some wind and see some hair movement.
Signs the wish had been granted.
Then you could hear him say as he walks away “aww that’s hot”. – the price he paid for the wish.

photo: Wonder Woman 1984 DC Comics, WB, Atlas Entertainment HBO Max

My thoughts on the wish stone and its power.
Its not the stone, its the ring of gold around it. The ring made by the trixter god. The ring had writing saying “place upon the object held”….
The ring is what gave the stone the power – it could have been any object. And they (Dianna and Steve) just left it laying there on the desk. Even if they did not think this, Dianna should have wanted to take it for safe keeping or something… Just leaving the artifact of an ancient evil god laying around is not a good idea.

photo: Wonder Woman 1984 DC Comics, WB, Atlas Entertainment HBO Max

The plane they chose to go to Egypt (I highly doubt) would not make it that far. I’m not the plane expert I used to be but it looks like an F4 but the wings are too straight so maybe some predecessor. they did show it with an extra fuel tank, but still, that kind of plane is not designed to go approximately 6,000 miles. Only about 2,000 miles.

I wont mention how her getting out of the car running looked a little weird. on re watching it, it was not so bad, but it caught my eye..
Then they showed her doing the normal Wonder Woman run. Which was cool.

On meeting Minerva at a shop back in DC after being in Egypt the previous day. Minerva says “that was fast’. Why?
She didn’t know where they were…

Diana mentions that Mankind enslaved the Amazons. This was also referenced in Justice League- with her mentioning how they were forced to stay on an island they could never leave.
How? If they are so powerful? I guess they just did not want to beat up on Mankind?

Did you think the President looked/ sounded like Nixon?
I don’t know if that is just a character he has or if that is part of his normal disposition, but If your a Doctor Who fan you should have picked up that he played Nixon in “Day of the Moon” and “The Impossible Astronaut”.

How long is her rope? Part of the many things her rope can do is extend as long as she needs it to be. At one point she grabs a plane that must be several hundred or thousand feet above her! Too much.

I liked how she used it in the White House.
I also liked how she used it to ride the lightning! I was really excited when I saw that in the first trailer.
– Guess I should not complain about it grabbing a Plane….

Then its like she can hear the wishes being made???

Does everyone renounce their wish? REALLY? How about the coffee guy at the beginning? does that count?

In the ad but not in the movie – her saying “greatness is not what you think”. In the movie they show her Amazonian teacher saying this, but for the commercial it sounds like Dianna says it – or you are meant to think it is her.

So Maxwell Lord turns into Mr. Morden from Babylon 5. “What do you want?”

Babylon 5 WB

The time on the watch that “Steve” hands her at the party is 9:15. The time on the watch at her apartment is stopped at 9:05ish. The time on his watch when he gave it to her in Wonder Woman was 8:57. I was expecting them to all be the same time.

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