How to add channels to “My Channels” in Hulu Live TV listing

For some reason Hulu with live TV insists on having the worst user interface (UI) on devices like Roku. you have to move the cursor around so much. I think its because of the default highlighted item. and you have to hit the back button so much….

please watch my YouTube description.

Recently I found the worst of the worst UI Hulu has to offer – how to add channels to “My Channels” list in Live TV program guide screen.

I’ve had Hulu as my TV provider for a couple of years now and I’m pretty sure it was much more intuitive and easy to figure out when I first set it up. I’m also using Roku as my main way to watch.

I did a web search and found this question, but no workable answer on todays interface. Not even on Hulu’s community forums.

Then I spent about an hour (2 or 3 different times trying) arrowing around the Roku interface and clicking around the web app. I seemed to think the web app had a fairly obvious way of doing it 2 years ago but could not find it.
I eventually found a way to do it – partly based on a comment in the Hulu Community, but not exactly as stated because I thin it answered how to add channels to “My Stuff” not Live TV.

As of January 2021

  • On the web app – go to the Hubs tab on the top menu
  • Move down the screen. At the bottom there is an A-Z list.
    – You should be able to do the next step on any of the sections that you see a company / channel you want to add but the A-Z list is a good way to see everything.
  • As you hove over a company’s logo – Click on the 3 button menu icon and choose “Add to My Stuff
    This will add any live tv channel to your “My Channels” list.

If you click on the company’s logo – Like ABC – you can see the local channels call letters to confirm that it is the Live TV channel you want as well as see what is currently live and other shows they offer.

On the Roku or other device

You can maneuver to the same Hubs tab and find the A-Z list at the bottom and select the company / channel logo you want and select it. Then select the “Add to My Stuff” button.

It would be really nice if there was a settings link on the Live Channel program guide to do this. Or hit * when you have the channel selected to bring up the option…..

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