My New Favorite Password Manager – Bitwarden

YOU know that you should be using a password manager. Hopefully you ARE using one.

If not, or your looking for other options; I now suggest Bitwarden over my previous favorites LastPass or Dashlane. I still use LP as a backup and have a paid plan until the end of the year.


  • Bitwarden offers a free option with no limitations. – Both LastPass and Dashlane’s free options are now severely limited.
  • If you choose to pay for extra features like 1GB of storage and advanced 2FA it’s only $10/yr. I bought a plan after using the free one for a few weeks of testing to support them.
  • It seems to fill in web pages both other services have had problems with. leaving you to goto the app and “copy & paste”. – I’m sure it won’t work on every page/app, but it has on all my pages one PC, Android, and iOS.
  • I like the way it highlights the fields after it has filled them in as a visual que.

All of the major password managers all have a similar look so Bitwarden is no different there.

Bitwarden is open source. this just means that anyone can see the programs code and how it works. This helps people feel safer because the company can’t do anything like save your info, without it being noticed. People can also suggest new features much easier than a big company allows.

My previous favorite, LastPass has been bought and sold a couple of times the past year or so and is much more corporate focused.

If you have heard about the news that passwords will soon not be needed (YEAH RIGHT!), Bitwarden is a member of that FIDO group who put forth that sign on method. So they should be among the first password managers to take advantage of that method.
– It will take years for that to get popularly adopted and you will still need a way to keep track of your 100+ web sites you visit.


The only thing they do different, and may seem inconvenient at first; is on web pages, they don’t fill in the fields of the page with their logo that lets you choose the password. instead you do that from the extension icon in the browser drop down. (both allow right click in the field)
Below: LastPass and Bitwarden form fill methods.

Con’s Pro:

The positive to this way of choosing the password seems to be it is more consistent at recognizing the password fields and filling them in. also it’s often hard to hit that little logo in the fields, esp if the page want to put something there! You can right click inside the fields to get Bitwarden fill options.

Bitwarden screens. source

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