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Video of my Cat Jumping 4 feet high and More

Here is a video compellation of my cat jumping 4 feet high! playing in curtain. Playing with bags, running with bag around his neck. cat controlling the TV remote.

How to add channels to “My Channels” in Hulu Live TV listing

I found the worst UI Hulu has to offer – how to add channels to “My Channels” list in Live TV program guide screen.

Discovery Season 3 Finale Review Reaction

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 finale, review and reaction

Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks Reaction Video

My reaction to this years new year special Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks.

One Minute Oatmeal is a lie

Check out my YouTube skit on why one minute oatmeal is a lie

Wonder Woman 1984 Short Review is on YouTube

watch and subscribe to my youtube channel review of wonder woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Review and Observations

My review, observations, opinions of Wonder Woman 1984. Spoilers later in the article.

I Paid for HBO Max Over the Free Trial for Wonder Woman 1984

But being a fan of movies, I wanted the purchase to get counted as a ticket sale.

Canon MF232W Will Install on Windows XP

as of December 2020, the Canon Imageclass MF232W will install and print on Windows XP.