Amazon Fire HD 8 with ads review. More ads than led to believe

You also get ads as notifications…But on the home screen, you have 26 icons for the built in or included apps. Many of them I will never use.

You can not remove them!


The iPhone X 10 does have a home button. At least an indicator

there is an indicator or marker or “Home Button” at the bottom of every screen (except videos, games and other media).

Proof the Roswell UFO weather balloon story is a cover up and makes no sense

I am making a summary and easy to understand explanation of why the “weather balloon” idea just does not work.

Spider-Man Homecoming thoughts, not a review – It is good, of course

I read beforehand that this movie was focused more on Peter than Spidey. It was. Made for a different kind of superhero movie, but good.

I have proof the Patterson Bigfoot film is real

In the late 1970’s Hollywood could not even make a good Spider-Man costume! How could one guy who may have had some experience make a VERY CONVINCING Bigfoot suit?

7 songs you like but don’t know are from Imagine Dragons

Here is a list of 5 other songs most people will be surprised are by Imagine Dragons but should know (like) and 2 that are more questionable but will definitely be familiar.