7 songs you like but don’t know are from Imagine Dragons

Here is a list of 5 other songs most people will be surprised are by Imagine Dragons but should know (like) and 2 that are more questionable but will definitely be familiar.

spiderman bigfoot

I have proof the Patterson Bigfoot film is not fake

In the late 1970’s Hollywood could not even make a good Spider-Man costume! How could one guy who may have had some experience make a VERY CONVINCING Bigfoot suit?

My Trump Russia opinion. Trump and staff pawns, supporters wake up.

Supporting Trump during the campaign is one thing, whether you wanted a change or just voted Republican. But Trump supporters need to face reality. Blindly supporting him and ignoring all these facts is CULTISH.

WannaCry ransomware making big news, hopefully teaching lessons to everyone

WannaCry or WannaCrypt ransomware hit several countries in Europe and Russia hard last week

Microsoft announces Surface laptop and Windows education version called “S”

The main hardware announced was a Surface Laptop. It is a traditional laptop, nothing unique about this device except it comes with the new Windows 10 S

Netflix’s Marvel’s The Defenders is looking pretty good

Netflix has its first trailer for its Marvel’s The Defenders. I only watched the first season of Daredevil, and a few episodes of the others, but this show with all of them could be pretty good.

Mac’s targeted by phishing email, a reminder not to open attachments

Mac computers are being targeted by a phishing email scam that wants you to open an attached .zip file.

Yes, Verizon email is changing to AOL. Don’t use email from your internet provider, use dedicated email like Google

You should use a dedicated (and trusted) email provider such as Google, Microsoft, or AOL. You can then use this email no matter how you get internet service or move for the rest of your life.

Home Depot left customer data exposed from their MyInstall program on website

someone saved sensitive customer information in a fully accessible folder or page on The Home Depots website. That means that anyone doing a web search could find it.

Parents, Instagram now has disappearing photos

Instagram now has the feature that made SnapChat the biggest social network for kids, disappearing photos.