How to Protect Yourself Online- Passwords and Other Security Tips 2022

It’s that time of year again. Time for me to preach some online security and get you to use good passwords and online safety.

The Breakdown
– Use good (long) /unique passwords.
– Use a password manager.
– Use 2 factor / multi factor authentication – Esp on important accounts like banking.
– Use multiple email address.
– Don’t use email as a user name/log on – if an option.
– Makeup password like answers for security questions.
– Use virtual credit cards, Pay Pal, or special cards for online purchases.
– Setup alerts with bank and credit cards whenever there is a purchase.
– Use a VPN if going online some place public like hotels or coffee shops.
– Consider using a different web browser for banking than you do for normal web surfing.
– Treat phone apps like websites – be careful what you download.
– Turn off as much app sharing as possible. Location, between app tracking…
– Don’t use free WiFi to do mobile banking. Turn off WiFi and use cellular data only.
-or Use a VPN on your phone also. (some banks don’t like VPNs though)

Article in progress…but the breakdown is pretty self explanatory. 12-27-21

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