Why the iPhone 8 is a fail

Even though the iPhone X (10) is the big phone release of this year, they should have made some more significant improvements to the 8.

With all the leaks before the Apple iPhone 8 was announced, we knew pretty much everything about it.

There are two main reasons why the iPhone 8 is a fail.

  1. As everyone was predicting it is just an iPhone 7S, with minor updates from last years model. There is no motivation to upgrade if you have a recent model. wireless charging – the reportedly is hard to get to work – is not worth it to most people.
  2. They should have made the screen a 5in screen! Not keeping the 4.7in format. It could have been 5.1 or 5.2 inches, whatever would have been a better aspect ratio. but they could have easily added a few millimeters to the screen and bring it into a more modern format for a flagship phone while keeping the same body size.



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