SADES Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Information

I’m going to talk about the SADES keyboard and mouse I just got to help any other people who might get one and find it hard to figure out. Hard might be the wrong word, it just takes some time and experimenting…. you can skip to paragraph 10.

I don’t have an exact model number, so I will just list the Amazon name. This is not for a lack of trying. I visited the 2 foreign websites I could find for the company and don’t see many models listed. I also could not find any directions. what came with the package was for the mouse software for gaming settings. This was in Chinese. I used my Samsung S8 Bixby vision to translate.

I am talking about the “SADES Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo,Wired Keyboard with,Orange Lights and Mouse with 4 Adjustable DPI for Gaming,for PC/laptop/win7/win8/win10 ?-” RENJIA 2 ORANGE from Amazon.

I once said I would never go back to a corded keyboard / mouse once wireless came along. Its so nice not messing around with cables hanging behind your desk. I’m not a gamer, so whatever lag there might be on cordless is not an issue for me – or any normal use people.

I have used Microsoft and Logitech keyboards and mice forever, but I wanted something a little different – and cheaper. By cheaper I mean a good feeling keyboard for less than $80 (keyboard and mouse combo). The $30 sets just aren’t good enough for me. There is something about the keyboard or mouse that I don’t like.

I started looking around Amazon to see what was out there. I saw a few models I liked. I was pulled in by a few that had lights and interesting designs. SADES seemed to have several models. I also saw some with different names that looked very similar.

I settled on this model for the look and color options, as well as the water resistance and seeming durability of the metal frame.

The keyboard is very solid with the metal frame and the keys are like an old fashioned “IBM” keyboard with good movement and good spring action. I got the orange back light keyboard.

The mouse (does have a model # of C6) is also very solid, and kind of big. bigger than most other MS and Logitech mice I have used. the mouse does feel good and I can tell a difference in response of the cursor from a wireless mouse. If I just put my hand on the mouse to just set it there I hold it with my fore finger on the wheel but when I go to use it my finger moves to the left click button naturally. One thing about the cable is it is not plastic coated, it is braided and kind of catches on the desk top.

Here we go, how to turn the lights on and off. The main information about the set I am writing about.
Keyboard: has only 1 color and you use the FN and ESC (with a sun or light icon) keys to change the brightness or turn off the light.  The light does turn itself off after just a few minutes of not being used or if you lock the PC.
Mouse: The small square on the top is actually a button, not just part of the light. You press it to change to the next color, but you can not make it stay on one color. You press and hold the button to turn the light off / on. This light does not turn off until the PC goes to sleep / off.

As one of the pic’s on Amazons page shows, you also use the FN and F keys to control volume and other things.

I do really like the set and recommend it.


  1. I cannot figure out how to change the color or broghtness even when press (FN + esc) or (FN + tab) I check the cord and everything else but it down turn off then the pc is off.

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