Star Trek’s 3D Control Panel’s

Did the Star Trek: Picard Comic Con trailer

Star Trek’s new show Picard gives us the 3D control panel’s eluded to in Start Trek Deep Space Nine’s S4E2 The Visitor. Future Bashir “I haven’t worked a 2 Dimensional control panel in a long time…”

The ship la sirena hired by Picard to take him to find out whats going on with the androids has 3D holographic control panels.

The Trailer showed a group of rag tag adventurers joining Jean-Luc Picard to help the future (past) Borg Queen? and we get a glimps of 3-D control panel consoles.

New series coming in early 2020. On CBS All Access now.

star trek picard 3d control panel

image property / taken from video from cbs all access Star Trek: Picard, even though no one should pay for cbs content.

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