EpocCam tips – Not Connecting on Mac fix

Here are few things I’ve figured out while using EpocCam to turn my phone into a web cam for my YouTube videos. Especially if you are having trouble on a Mac to get it to connect.

On Mac, maybe on PC but not tested – If you have trouble getting the app/ phone to connect check to make sure you don’t have another person logged on. Log off all other accounts, not just switch user.

Make sure you follow the setup and install drivers as directed. Making sure to allow access to the phone app when prompted.

If you started with the free app then paid for the Pro app, you need to download the Pro app separately! the free app does not just get upgrade.

If you are using OBS, have OBS running before plugging in the phone.

Open EpocCam before plugging into the computer.

Check quality settings. The default video quality is not the highest. check to make sure you have “Best” chosen for video quality.

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