I’m switching to Mint Mobile

Along with my switching from Android to Apple with a new iPhone 12 this year, I’m switching service plans too.

I’m trying out Mint Mobile!

I’ve been using a non-major carrier for years. I just don’t use my phone enough (calls or data) to pay $80 or more a month! I’m on wifi 99% of the time I use my phone, so data is not a concern. Plus, these services offer unlimited data for a more reasonable price too.  I have been using Straight Talk for years, with a stint of using Tracfone for a while too.
*ST is even owned by or part of Trackfone.
I’ve been paying $35/mo.

My Straight Talk and Tracfone service has always been on Verizon. So I have had great coverage.
I was able to listen to a live podcast traveling from one town about 25 miles away to home with absolutely no drop.
I live out in the “country” of NW Pennsylvania, where good coverage is not guaranteed.
I had AT&T way back and it was good coverage and is probably also better/ great today.


I have been looking at Mint Mobile for some time now. Before Deadpool, err… Ryan Reynolds, got involved in the company. (Yes, I know everyone is probably making that kind of comment)
At $15 a month for 3GB (paid 1 year in advance), its half the price of my ST plan.
I have a 3 month starter plan at $15/mo, so if it does not work out, I can go back.

Mint Mobile operates on T-Mobile service.

T-Mobile has the least coverage in the area I live in, so I have been hesitant to switch. Their maps show excellent coverage in the town area’s but I live / travel in areas that go down to fair, maybe even worse coverage.  My house shows good/fair. I live on the downslope of a hill, removing me from the better coverage by just a couple of houses.
When I went to get a new sim card for my new iPhone on ST, it was going to be AT&T.
This would probably be fine, but I thought if I was moving away from Verizon – I might as well try Mint Mobile. I can put that $15 toward my phone payment, and every little bit helps!  Plus, Mint Mobile offers mobile hot spot feature where ST requires an extra charge now (it used to be included). I don’t need it much, But I have needed / would have been nice to have for work a couple of times.  

There are other service providers that might have similar pricing locally, that are more like Tracfone, but the advertising of Mint Mobile is working. Many of the podcasts I listen to have them as an advertiser and Ryan Reynolds ads are cool.  Also if you read their site, they put in a lot of fun, snarky comments that is just nice to see. A little personality. 

Example of Mint Mobile’s personality

They even use ShipStation to send out the sim card I ordered!  Nice.

And they work with swappa to give you a deal on starter service if you get a used phone.


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